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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Steam Game Covers?
Steam Game Covers is a fan site for users of Valve's Steam distribution platform created to provide high quality artwork for all your Steam backup discs. More information can be found on our About page.
How much does Steam Game Covers cost?
Steam Game Covers is free.
What does registering do?
Registering allows you to submit and rate covers, and to post on our forums. Your name will appear as a link to your profile under each cover you submit.
I did not receive a confirmation email after registering.
Your email provider may have emails coming from marked as spam. Please check your spam filters/junk mail.
What format should labels/covers be uploaded as?
You can upload labels/covers in .jpg or .png format.
I uploaded my cover but it doesn't show up anywhere on the site.
If the cover you are uploading is for a game that is not in our database, your cover will not appear until we add that game. During this time your cover will show up in your account's uploads page as pending.
Why can't I post anything on the forums?
You must be a registered user and logged in to post on our forums. If you have not yet registered, you may do so on our registration page.
Can I submit requests for covers that are not on Steam Game Covers?
Yes. You may post requests on our Request a Cover forum. Please note that this does not guarantee that someone will make the cover.
Why was my cover removed?
There are 4 main reasons why a cover may be removed from the site. They are:

  1. Inappropriate content – nudity, swearing, or otherwise offensive will cause your cover to removed.
  2. Stealing from other creators – if you are uploading a custom made cover, then it must be of your own creation. Or you must have permission from the original creator to convert and upload it. You can type this information in the cover's description along with a link the to the original cover.
  3. Low quality – our templates are created at 300dpi professional print quality. A lot of the images you find on the internet are far lower than that and thus look blurry when converted to our template. If you are confused or have questions about resolution and print quality then please ask in our forums.
  4. Requested removal from copyright owner – Steam Game Covers does not own any of the game images on this site. They are owned by various game companies. If a game company requests that I remove their property from the site then I have no choice but to obey. To this date no game company has ever requested that I remove a cover.

You will receive an email notification if your cover is removed.